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Be a center for the development of competences in sustainability.

Understanding weather & climate and Performance Sailing on ONE DESIGN X41 sailing boats are the key features we use to demonstrate how we all can develop a mind set and become ambassadors of sustainability for ourselves, our companies, groups, family & friends.

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Training in Assens
Training in Assens
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Sailing is more than just a sport. Sailing is a life style, a way of     thinking, a way of looking at nature and the world.

Sailing means a lot to us: it's the freedom of being out there on the water, being driven by a natural resource and challenged by it's  relentless power or non-availability at times.

In sailing we do not generate environmental footprints that harm nature, instead we learn to appreciate and work after it's rules and not ours. Sailing generates a natural view and appreciation of our wonderful and precious planet and reminds us about our responsibility to keep our oceans clean and our air unpolluted. Understanding how weather patterns develop, how waves are generated and what impact wind, waves and current have on sailing performance is what enables us to navigate safe and responsible through the oceans, but also with highest performance. 

Sailing also means teamwork. Yes, there are solo sailors, and they diserve to be valued for their bravery. Nevertheless, most of us like the teamwork, being able to rely on your mate or mates and being challenged to trust in your skippers abilities to take the right decisions at the right moment.

Racing is like running a company. The skill of every member in the team is important, but most important is how we work together as a team, giving and taking responsibility, developing and trusting in each others skills and abilities. But also helping each other to grow stronger and better than what each member would be able to manage on their own.

In sailing we also need mixed teams, old and young, experienced and newbie, male and female, physically strong and analytically skilled. In other words, there is space for all of us! 

We created this project to enable performance sailing with better understanding of the influence of weather, waves and current on your sailing performance and high-end team-building, whether this is to train your sailing team for the next race, or your company leaders  or teams for your next business challenge. Getting back to nature, being challenged with natural forces and learning to navigate through given conditions rather than trying to enforce 'your way' with struggle and lack of success, nature and our two OneDesign x41 yacht twins NINGXIA (chinese " tranquil") & SHANXI (chinese "Be good at") are ready for your next training session! 

Call us or write to us to hear more about the boats, the possibilities to help your team to get to the next level and our services around the boats or fill out our contact form below to be contacted by us.

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Drejervænget 8

5610 Assens


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Tel: +45 4692 2907


Jess Jørgensen

Mob: +45 40 35 97 46


Corinna Möhrlen

Mob. +49 176 5620 5317

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