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Weather Training & Sailing at Middelfart Sailing Club -  13. October 2018 


Seminar with Jess Jørgensen: A meteorologists view & experience with weather interpretation for and within a regatta 

Both  X-41 OneDesign Ningxia and Shanxi are coming to Middelfart Sailing Club

Register here  or  send us an email to

Bågø Rundt Regatta -  29. September 2018 


Both  X-41 OneDesign Ningxia and Shanxi are registered for the regatta.

Do you want to participate with your crew or as guest on one of the 2 X41 Ningxia or Shanxi ? ...

Book Ningxia or Shanxi as Skipper or register as guest here or send us an email to

See and download flyer for the event here

Lillebelt TwoStar Regatta -  22. September 2018 


Both  X-41 OneDesign Ningxia and Shanxi are registered for a duel at the regatta 

A team from Assens Sailing Club announced their participation with Ningxia - do you want to challenge this crew with Shanxi ? ...or want to participate as guest in the crew on Shanxi ? 

Book Shanxi as Skipper or register as guest here , send us an email to

See and download flyer for the event here

15.-19. August 2018 NINGXIA participates in Sydbank Cup with a sailing team from Brazil

A Team from the Yacht Club of Santa Catarina of Brazil came all the way to Germany to participate in the Sydbank Cup regatta north around the danish island of Sealand from Kiel -> Copenhagen and Copenhagen -> Kiel.


A perfect regatta for the X41 class with 4 competing X41 at the start in Kiel on Wednesday, 15th August 2018 at 19CEST. The Sydbank Cup is a fantastic regatta around a beautiful part of the Danish seas. The race is split up in 2 parts of around 17-24h sailing or 150-200sm and one full day off for networking with other sailors at the very well organised social events, analysing and planning for the next part, relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere of Copenhagen, Denmark's capital. The weather usually provides some sort of challenging wind conditions in and around Denmark and the Kieler Bight and provides perfect conditions for the sailors to show their sailing skills.

Check out the press releases from the Race at - Part 1 - Part 2

Ningxia's result: 5th place in the ORC class B

Kiel -> Copenhagen (178.6sm): 24h 45min 44 sec (Arrival 16. August 2018 19.45 CEST)


Check out all the crews here and all results here.  

Season card for X41 sailing from Mai-September 2018 in Assens

Are you dreaming of sailing a X-yacht ? Or even a X41 ? You can now make your dream come true!

From Mai to September 2018 you can buy a season card as guest sailor on one of our 2 X41 ! Contact us for details, if you are interested and hear about how your dream can come a reality !

9. June 2018 in Assens Marina

Ever dreamt of sailing a X-Yacht ? This is the day to make your dream come true!

There will be a number of sailing activities at the Danish Harbour day "wild with water" ("vild med vand") - come and visit us: step on the boats, sail with us and learn about how to make the dream a reality !



12.30... Boat Show / come on board, see the yachts and register for the afternoon sailing

14:00 Match Racing with politicians from Assens Kommune

16:00 Public X41 Sailing and Matchracing - participation after the principle  "first come first serve" 

3.-4. March 2018 in Haderslev - Launch of our 2x41 project - 

See the boats and meet us at the X-Yachts Open House.

If you want to meet us, contact us before to make sure we are there, when you arrive...

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